Chanson du Jour

This guy has a pretty unique voice. But, I really liked it.

You Are My Sister by Antony and the Johnsons


Chanson du Jour

Here's an obscure band for you. We passed up playing songs by Purity Ring, James Blake (although he almost made it), Mount Kimbie, Nicolas Jaar, and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. They just weren't awesome enough to make the blog.

But, I did like this song.

Prodigal Daughter by Pearl and the Beard


Chanson du Jour

Subpop Records in Seattle is a great label to investigate if you are looking for a new band. They have almost impeccable taste (that right is reserved for me, and only me) and have a great ear for greatness. This is a new band to the Subpop group that I heard on Acoustic Cafe tonight.

Rivers and Roads by The Head and The Heart


Chanson du Jour

Today's song is a competition. Which song has a more frenetic, spastic group and video?

Up Up Up by Givers


Cousins by Vampire Weekend

PS - I have the Cousins video on my iPod and my daughter loves to watch it. It makes me so proud.


Chanson du Jour

Jenfra heard this song on the awesome local radio channel KXT 91.7 and loved it. She dropped by tonight to bring the wife a birthday present and suggested I play this fellow on the blog. I, having never heard of this guy in my life, was intrigued. I gave it a listen and found it to be blog-worthy. So, everybody enjoy...

You Were Never There by Diego Garcia


Chanson du Jour

This song is for the newly returned missionary, my brother Big Al. I just want you to know that I liked the new Coldplay album so much I bought it the other day. Also it is for my wife who loves these guys as well.

Paradise by Coldplay

Watching this video reminded me of another British production that involved dressing up in animal suits; the tv show Trigger Happy TV. Anyone remember that show on Comedy Central? It was probably my favorite show of the late 90s. Here is a little clip that gives you only a small idea of how great this show is.

Trigger Happy TV Clip


Chanson du Jour

A band from Scotland. I don't like some of their slower songs, but this one is pretty catchy. They have some weird music videos, too, but this one is pretty funny.

DIY by A Band Called Quinn


Chanson du Jour

I heard this song on a Matador Records cd that I bought years ago. Matador Records, of course, is the record label that Pavement was on for years and years. This band is also on the label, apparently. Good song + Good label + Japanese = I liked it immediately. And since we are wishing a big Happy Birthday to the editor of the blog today, I figured it was apropos to play this song.

Happy Birthday by Pizzicato Five


Chanson du Jour

While I have been gone there have been a few musicians that have really become big. Most of them are garbage. A few of them have songs worth listening to. Here are some ascending musicians of the past couple years.

The Cave by Mumford & Sons

If you haven't heard this next song, you should really re-examine your life and what you do while in the car. It is played on literally every station except the oldies and country station here in Dallas. Top 40, lite rock, mix 102.9, the alternative station, the rock station....all of them. It is the most ubiquitous song of the past few months. Overplayed though it is, I still like it.

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People

Last time this next artist made it on this blog, I was criticized. The criticizer has since apologized for making fun of me when she herself discovered the greatness of this next artist. This artist has exploded on the scene in the past year with a new album that spent months at #1 in several countries and several big singles. I looked at getting concert tickets for her (but she can't stay on tour because of laryngitis issues) but the show was sold out with tickets selling for $350 a ticket. That puts her up with the big guns as far as ticket prices go. But, she is greatness. Just FYI this video has over 170,000,000 views on Youtube.

Rolling In The Deep by Adele

And last but not least, this band has also become pretty big over the past couple years.

Tighten Up by The Black Keys

There have been other bands that have exploded onto the scene in the last year like Cage the Elephant, but you lucky readers learned about that band from this blog long before they ever hit the radio. You are welcome.

Enjoy your turkey and football.

Copy Or Not?

To Whom It May Concern (all of my one reader):

Anonymous claimed that the yodeling cowboy song by Wylie and the Wild West borrows liberally from Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin. You be the judge.

It took a while for me, but I heard it. It doesn't bother me too much.


The Expert